People v. Cancer

People of lower socioeconomic status face higher cancer death rates than their counterparts. African American men suffer the highest cancer incidence rate of any racial or ethnic group. But these gaps in cancer care can be addressed through policy. What does the case of Medicaid expansion reveal about cancer disparities in America? And what will … Continue reading People v. Cancer

Solid machine learning model predicts new HIV cases using EHR data

Incredible new research from Harvard and Kaiser contributed two substantial leaps forward this summer: first in the useful application of machine learning predictions using electronic health records and second in the accurate targeting of people who can benefit the most from HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis. This paper in Lancet HIV by Marcus and colleagues is so good … Continue reading Solid machine learning model predicts new HIV cases using EHR data

Live NPR interview

Listen to this episode of The Full Story from NPR station WSHU, where I join the conversation for a live interview with Ron Ropiak. Skip straight to the heart of our chat, recorded minutes 29 through 43, in this lively, thought-provoking talk show. Issues in Healthcare Religious exemptions for the measles vaccine, flare-ups of sexually … Continue reading Live NPR interview


Adamson spoke with Matthew Ong, a reporter with The Cancer Letter Before 2019, Blythe Adamson, a senior quantitative scientist at Flatiron Health, had never attended an annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology. In the shower, sometime in November 2018, Adamson came up with an idea for future research: “I think we should … Continue reading Q&A