Book Review

Data scientists younger than Taylor Swift can do everyone a favor by reading “Rigor Mortis: How Sloppy Science Creates Worthless Cures, Crushes Hope, and Wastes Billions” by NPR journalist Richard Harris. It sparks uncomfortable conversations about the broken incentives in our research system. Read my full book review “Difficult Choices Between What is Best for … Continue reading Book Review

How should we evaluate ACA impact on HIV?

Lipira and colleagues recently published this comprehensive review article framing a research agenda to evaluate the impact of the Affordable Care Act (commonly called the “ACA” or “Obamacare”) on HIV care, outcomes, prevention, and disparities. Lipira and colleagues identified several challenges to comprehensive HIV care that could be remedied with informed programming and policy. First, the ACA does … Continue reading How should we evaluate ACA impact on HIV?