Live NPR interview

Listen to this episode of The Full Story from NPR station WSHU, where I join the conversation for a live interview with Ron Ropiak. Skip straight to the heart of our chat, recorded minutes 29 through 43, in this lively, thought-provoking talk show. Issues in Healthcare Religious exemptions for the measles vaccine, flare-ups of sexually … Continue reading Live NPR interview

The Nobel Meeting

I met 18 Nobel Prize winners in Economics and some of the brightest economics Ph.D. students from around the world at the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting in Germany. We swapped ideas and inspired each other over five days of activities. After Lindau, I continued traveling to meet with leaders of health economics in Zurich, Basel, … Continue reading The Nobel Meeting

Before & After: Time Series Visualization

Often the fastest graph to generate is not the simplest way to communicate meaning. For an analysis of trends over time in pharmacoeconomic graduate student interests, take a look at this figure before and then after modifications to improve visualization of survey results. The first graph under-utilizes the ordering of years by assigning color categories … Continue reading Before & After: Time Series Visualization